AI Will Kill Us. AI Will Save Us. HUH?

Navigating the Ambiguity of Artificial Intelligence: A Journey into its Promise and Peril

Posted by Luca Berton on Monday, October 9, 2023


In the midst of a technological revolution, the topic of artificial intelligence and machine learning has taken center stage. From OpenAI’s ChatGPT and DALLE-2 to Google’s Bard, Meta’s LLaMa 2, Midjourney, and AlphaFold, a multitude of AI innovations are being developed, each with the potential to reshape our world in profound ways. Yet, discussions about AI are often polarized, with some experts warning of the potential for human extinction, while others herald it as “more profound than fire.” In her thought-provoking YouTube video, Cleo Abram delves into the ambiguity surrounding AI’s future, seeking to understand how it could either pose a threat or bring about transformative positive changes.

The Confusion Surrounding AI

Cleo begins her video by addressing the prevalent confusion around AI. She acknowledges that while many people are talking about it, the specifics of its impact on our lives remain elusive. She poses the crucial questions: How could AI potentially harm us, and how might it enhance our lives? To answer these questions, she embarks on a journey to explore the extreme scenarios of both dystopian and utopian AI futures.

Unpacking the AI Phenomenon

To provide viewers with a solid foundation, Cleo first demystifies AI. She explains that artificial intelligence refers to the development of computer systems capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence. This includes tasks like problem-solving, pattern recognition, and decision-making. With this understanding, she delves into why AI has become the talk of the town in recent times.

AI’s Appeal and Dangers

As Cleo navigates the complex landscape of AI, she highlights its allure and dangers. On one hand, AI promises to revolutionize industries, enhance productivity, and solve intricate problems. On the other hand, it poses the risk of misuse and unintended consequences, such as job displacement and privacy concerns. Cleo emphasizes the importance of understanding both sides of the AI coin to make informed decisions about its future.

Exploring Worst-Case Scenarios

Cleo doesn’t shy away from the darker side of AI’s potential. She delves into the question of how AI could potentially harm us. In doing so, she examines worst-case scenarios, including the possibility of AI systems running amok, making catastrophic decisions, or being weaponized by malicious actors. This exploration prompts viewers to consider the need for safeguards and regulations to prevent such outcomes.

The Pause Button on AI

One of the intriguing questions Cleo raises is whether we should pause the development of AI to fully grasp its implications. She acknowledges the urgency of responsible AI development while advocating for a cautious approach that allows us to mitigate risks.

Why Do We Want AI?

To balance the discussion, Cleo also delves into why we desire AI. She highlights the transformative potential of AI in healthcare, education, and various other sectors. AI can help solve complex global challenges, leading to significant improvements in quality of life.

AI’s Achievements So Far

Cleo briefly touches on AI’s real-world achievements, including advancements in natural language processing, image recognition, and autonomous vehicles. She underscores that we are already witnessing the positive impacts of AI in our daily lives.

The Challenge of Discussing AI

In closing, Cleo addresses why AI is challenging to talk about. She notes the diverse perspectives and the rapidly evolving nature of the field as factors contributing to the confusion and polarized opinions. Nonetheless, she encourages viewers to engage in the conversation, stay informed, and actively shape the future of AI.


In Cleo Abram’s video, we journey through the complexities of AI, exploring its potential to both harm and benefit humanity. By addressing the uncertainties surrounding AI, she encourages us to take an active role in shaping the technology’s future, ensuring that we make informed decisions that lead to the realization of AI’s positive potential while safeguarding against its potential dangers. AI’s ultimate impact on our lives remains uncertain, but with discussions like Cleo’s, we can strive for a future where AI truly saves us, rather than threatens us.