Google Bard Update 2023.09.27

Empower Your Writing: Influence Google Bard's Improvements with Your Feedback

Posted by Luca Berton on Wednesday, September 27, 2023


In a continuous quest to enhance user experience and improve the quality of its services, Google Bard, the popular AI-powered writing assistant, has introduced a novel feature. Starting now, users have the opportunity to provide valuable feedback in an even more intuitive way. This innovative feedback mechanism allows users to directly influence the improvement of Bard’s responses, making it a more efficient and helpful tool for everyone.

Introducing the New Feedback Feature

The latest addition to Google Bard is a feedback mechanism that offers users a choice when Bard occasionally provides two different drafts side by side. Users can now select the draft they prefer, indicating which one aligns better with their intended message or style. Alternatively, users can choose to indicate no preference if they find both drafts equally suitable, or they can opt out of the feedback process entirely.

This new feature represents a significant step forward in the collaboration between users and AI technology. By involving users directly in the decision-making process, Google Bard aims to tailor its responses to individual preferences and writing styles more effectively.

Why Your Feedback Matters

The introduction of this feature is not merely a cosmetic change; it carries substantial implications for the ongoing development and enhancement of Google Bard. Real-world feedback from users plays a pivotal role in shaping the AI’s capabilities and ensuring it meets the diverse needs of its users.

By selecting your preferred draft or providing feedback, you become an active participant in the iterative process of improving Google Bard’s responses. Here’s why your feedback matters:

  1. Enhanced Personalization: Your preferences matter, and by selecting the draft that resonates with you, you help Bard understand your unique writing style and preferences better.

  2. Continuous Learning: AI thrives on data, and your feedback provides valuable data points that Bard can use to learn and adapt over time.

  3. Community Impact: Your contributions not only benefit you but also help improve Google Bard for the entire user community, creating a more robust and versatile tool for everyone.

  4. Quality Assurance: By actively engaging with this feedback mechanism, you play a crucial role in ensuring the quality and relevance of Bard’s responses.


With this new feedback feature, Google Bard takes a significant stride toward becoming an even more invaluable writing assistant. It’s a clear demonstration of Google’s commitment to continually improve its AI-powered tools and ensure they meet the evolving needs of users.

As a Bard user, you now have the power to shape the way this AI responds to your writing requests. Your feedback, preferences, and suggestions will be at the heart of Bard’s ongoing development, making it a smarter and more intuitive writing assistant for years to come. So, the next time you see two drafts side by side, don’t hesitate to let your voice be heard and contribute to the evolution of Google Bard. Your input matters.